Porsche 356B 1962

In model year 1960, the 356 A was replaced by the completely redesigned 356 B (T5). Its power spectrum ranged from 60 hp in the 356 B 1600 to 140 hp in the 356 B 2000 GS-GT Carrera 2.

The key visual differences between the B series and the previous model included the front bumper with enlarged rim guards, which was positioned approx. ten centimetres higher, and the headlights, which were also positioned much higher. The horn grilles next to the further-protruding front indicators were flatter and featured two chrome-plated slats. The front lid handle was also wider at the bottom. The two lamps for the number plate lighting were integrated in the higher-positioned rear bumper, while the reversing light was mounted below the bumper.

For model year 1962 (T6), the 356 B received a front lid that had been significantly widened at the bottom and a tank cap in the front right wing. Two vertical ventilation grilles were integrated in the enlarged bonnet.


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