Looking for a way to make some extra revenue from your vehicle, or do you want your car to be famous?

There are many ways that your pride and joy can earn you regular income rather than just parked gathering dust.

How your vehicle can start generating income:

• Commercial & fashion photoshoots – still photography where your vehicle is stationary
• TV and film shoots – if your vehicle is operational it may be required to be driven during the shoot
• Weddings – still photography where your vehicle is stationary
• Events & product launches – your vehicle is stationary and displayed as an attraction

You can also specify any restrictions you want while your car is being hired in the form below.

Start your vehicle's modelling career today

Fill out the form below, upload images of your car and that's it. We'll review your submission and have it featured on the website within 48 hours.

Image upload guide: Master image: 45º angle of exterior.
Front exterior, back exterior, left and right sides exterior, interior from back towards dashboard.
All images to be straight on (90 degrees) with no filters.
See examples below.

TVR Grantura for films & photo sessions
TVR Grantura front view
TVR Grantura back view
TVR Grantura for photoshoots
Red TVR Grantura for photoshoots
TVR Grantura interior